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Junta Directiva

Conozca a la Junta Directiva de Oak Creek Charter School of Bonita Springs:
Mark McCabe


Local Board Representative


Mark has been a resident of Naples since 1982 and graduated from Lely High School in 1984. He earned his Degree from Florida Atlantic University in 1988 and works in the banking and lending industry. He is currently employed by Summit Mortgage as the Senior Loan Officer. Mark has been married to Gina for 15 years. They have three young children, Ryan, Sean, and Mary Claire.



Mark started his volunteer work in the educational arena as a SAC committee member of his children’s elementary school in 2005. He went on to serve on a number of Collier County School District Board sub-committees from 2009 through 2013. In addition, he has been a Board Member of three charter schools in Lee County since 2010, Bonita Springs Preparatory Fitness Academy, Ft. Myers Preparatory Fitness Academy, and Cape Coral Preparatory Fitness Academy. In September of 2013, Mark joined the Board of Directors and is currently serving as the Board President.  

Thad Deitriech

Vice President

Brett Baugh


Gwen DaPore
Board Member



Ms. DaPore began teaching in 1969 as a fifth grade teacher in Piqua, Ohio. She taught for two years in a township school, K-8, and was convinced early on, that the “Field of Education” was her niche.  She relocated with her family to Centerville, Ohio, enabling a closer commute for her husband’s occupation and subsequent to her second child, began working for the West Carrollton City Schools, in 1972.  She worked for this district the next twenty-nine years, successfully teaching grade levels second through sixth.  

She received excellent interdisciplinary curriculum training that encompassed and fostered student critical thinking skills while working in West Carrollton, via the AIMS Program (Activities Integrating Math and Science) and Talents Unlimited for gifted students. She became one of the paramount trainers of the AIMS Program for her school district, concurrently, with training many teachers throughout the state of Ohio.

Ms. DaPore relocated to Florida in 2009 to assist in creating and building the Prep and Fitness Schools in SW Florida.  She became the principal of Bonita Springs Preparatory and Fitness Academy and facilitated the growth and development of two other Prep and Fitness Academies until they were sold in June of 2013.

She became a Board Member of Gulf Coast Charter Academy South (GCCAS) for the school year 2013-2014.  During 2014-2015, she volunteered at GCCAS by tutoring sixth grade students in math while concurrently evaluating and training new teachers in using effective teaching methods and classroom management techniques.  Her assistance in these areas has been invaluable to GCCAS. She continues to be a dynamic teacher and educational leader, which she is now sharing her superior abilities and level of expertise with both GCCAS and Oak Creek Charter as Executive Director.  

Charity Zawatski
Title 9 Coordinator

Beth Staros

Parent Liaison

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