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This document provides a description of the procedures used to determine school grades using the state adopted, more rigorous, Florida Standards Assessment, EOC, and FCAT Science Assessment. If you have any questions after reviewing this data report, please contact

School Audit Reports:

School Grade 2022-2023: No School Accountability Grades were provided due to a change in the state standards and assessment system.

The FLDOE Performance Rating for OCCS for the 2021-2022 school year is a "C".

School Grade 2020-2021: As part of the COVID-19 adjustments for school year 2020-21, the Florida Department of Education allowed for schools to "opt-out" of a school grade assignment.  Accordingly, Oak Creek Charter School opted-out of a DOE grade assignment for school year 2020-21.

School Grade 2019-20: N/A No testing due to COVID-10 Pandemic.

Board Approved Projected Budget

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